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ΩMADE™ Electric Guitar

Omade-TL Electric Guitar
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The best of guitars

 Electric guitar made with high quality materials and worldwide recognised brand equipment. The thickness of the neck is constant at all points allowing an exceptional ease of use. Two reinforcing carbon bars stabilise the straightness of the neck and of the fingerboard and the dual action truss rod allows the adjustment of the curvature of the neck.

Made in France


  • Electric guitar 6-strings
  • Trademark: ΩMADE™
  • Diapason: 25.5" with 24 frets
  • Bridge type: Floyd Rose® Original
  • Mechanics: SPERZEL USA
  • Pickups: EMG 81X (Active Humbucker x2)
  • Selector: 3-ways
  • Buttons: Mix, Volume & Tone
Wood Materials:
  • Neck: Walnut
  • Fingerboard: Ebony
  • Body: Ash, Cherry & Maple


2 year warranty √

How to:


  • Clear sound from the bridge pickup with original tone button:
  • Saturated sound from the bridge pickup with original tone button:

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