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Finite Impulse Response (FIR) EQ-C & 'C' for Correction!
The standalone audio plugin EQ-C is a great addon to your audio system, it sounds so natural and clear, that you will see, you will enjoy seeing movies or listening music. If we can describe the sound, the low end are explosive, the low middle straight, the middle high translucent with a great clarity and a high end simply open!
One of its key features is its ability to load a custom frequency response curve for audio system correction, using the average measurements taken inside an anechoic chamber, and for the headphones, the measurements taken with an acoustic measuring head and corrected with a target curve.

Made in France.

Minimum requirements:
    - Mac® 10.11 or Windows® 7.1 (64-bit OS);
    - An Internet access;
    - A minimum CPU frequency of 2,5 GHz, two core, two threads;
    - For the Standalone Plugin only, you will need aside a Virtual Cable for PC or for Mac;
    - AAX® audio plugin (Pro Tools® 10.3.5 and later);
    - AU® audio plugin - Audio Unit®;
    - VST3® audio plugin;


1 year support included √.

How to:
    - EQ-C-S User Manual (This is the latest version in English);
    - EQ-C-S Manuel Utilisateur (C'est la dernière version en Français);

Free trials

Trialware for Windows x64:
    - EQ-C-S AAX (Native, audio plugin for DAW);
    - EQ-C-S Standalone (For the desktop, it requires the installation of a driver: A virtual Audio cable for Windows, see link bellow);
    - EQ-C-S VST3 (audio plugin for DAW);

Trialware for Mac 10.11 and later:
    - EQ-C-S AAX (Native, audio plugin for DAW);
    - EQ-C-S Audio Unit (AU, audio plugin for DAW) *It requires the Standalone version for software registration;
    - EQ-C-S Standalone (For the Desktop, it requires the installation of a driver: a LOOPBACK for Mac, see links bellow);
    - EQ-C-S VST3 (Audio plugin for DAW);

Definition: A DAW stands for Digital Audio Workstation, used for audio mixing in the recording studio.Tip: The Standalone plugin can be used at the audio output of the operating system to correct an audio system : speakers, headphone, room, etc.

Audio driver for Windows 64-bit and the Standalone plugin, only:
    - The origin of VB-CABLE : (VIRTUAL AUDIO CABLE or VB-CABLE from VB-CABLE);
    - VB-CABLE is a donationware, all participations are welcome;

Audio driver for Mac and the Standalone plugin, only:
    - Soundflower (Free alternative, not tested);

Credits: Mac, AU, AUv3 and Appex are registered trademarks of Apple® Computer. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft® Corporation. Pro Tools® and AAX® are registered trademarks of Avid, Inc. VST3 is a registered trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH. Cubase is a registered trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH. Juce is a registered trademark of Juce, LLC. EQ-C is a trademark of OMADE(™) | OMADE-TL, EIRL. OMADE™, ITS™, TL™ and their logos are trademarks of Omade TL.

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